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Braidwood FM’s Founding Father Farewell’s Braidwood

Rob and Meg Davidson are saying farewell to Braidwood next week, after 16 years. We wish them all the best and thank them for their contribution of bringing community radio to the Braidwood airwaves. Braidwood Community Radio’s existence came into being in 2003, when it began broadcasting on air on Australia Day, the 26th January.

Rob & Meg 2008

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Braidwood Radio Relocation of Studios

The relocation of Braidwood Radio studios to the Braidwood Services Club is  progressing. The Development Application (DA) has been lodged with the Council and we are waiting on the response to that application.



Fundraising is still continuing and we have raised $56,578 to date. Donations are still being accepted and we would welcome any help that comes our way. If you would like to make a donation to this project you can do so by depositing direct to our account (details below) or by sending a cheque to or PO address.

If you are depositing to our account please use your name as the deposit reference and also send us an email advising us that you have made the deposit. That way we can list your name as a donor to this project in any publications and on air.

Businesses making a donation to our fundraising, will have their business promoted on air for one month for every $100 donated.



Direct to Bank account
Bendigo Bank
BSB  633 000
Account Name   Braidwood FM Inc
Account Number   117 619 072


Cheque by Post

Braidwood FM Inc
PO Box 230
Braidwood  NSW  2622






Mt Gillamatong - Braidwood
Mt Gillamatong, Braidwood where Braidwood FM transmits from

Braidwood Main Street

Wallace Steet, Braidwood's main street





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