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"Letter of Support" for Braidwood radio to move to Braidwood Services Club

Braidwood Community Radio has operated from its current location since it began broadcasting 12 years ago.

Those of you who have had a chance to visit the studio on the 1st floor would know just how difficult it can be to climb those stairs. The stairs make access to the studio difficult for most people, even harder for those who are older or who have any difficulty walking, and totally impossible for those in wheelchairs or with serious physical impediments.

The Radio has been negotiating with the Braidwood Services Club to relocate the radio studios to the Club site in 2015. Having the Radio located at the Club will make it easily accessible to everyone. It will have disabled access ramps and toilet facilities etc, and will be beneficial to the Radio, the Club and the community.

The benefit to the Radio is easy accessibility for everyone, the Club will benefit by receiving much needed additional income through rent from the Radio and from having more people (Radio presenters, their guests and others) in and around the Club. It will be a good example of two community groups working together for the benefit of both those groups and the community in general.

The Radio has been raising funds during 2014 to purchase a new portable building which will be located at the rear of the squash court wall. To date we have raised $50,400 towards our target of $75,000, with the help of a grant from the Braidwood Community Bank, a grant from the Federal Government, a pledge from Braidwood Lions, and funds being contributed by Braidwood Community Radio itself.

If you would be interested in making a donation towards our fundraising it would be most appreciated. Donations, regardless of how much, will all help us to reach our target, and donations can be made by sending a cheque to  Braidwood FM Inc, PO Box 230, Braidwood NSW 2622. Alternatively, you can make your donation by direct deposit to our account at  Bendigo Bank, Braidwood FM Inc, BSB 633 000  Account number 137 235 552.  Please include your name or business name as deposit reference so we know who has made the donation, and can publicise your support on our website and on the air if you wish us to do so.

I will be doing a presentation to the Club Board in January and an important part of that presentation is to present the Board with as many ‘letters of support’ as possible from businesses and individuals in the area, who support this move.

Could I please ask you if you could provide me with a letter that states your support for the Radio relocating to the Braidwood Services Club site. The letter of support should state that you support the relocation and the reasons you support it.

If you could email or post your letter of support to reach me by the 3rd January 2015 in time for my presentation to the Club Board, that would be great.

Thank you in anticipation of your support.



Rob Davidson
Braidwood FM Inc
13 December 2014  

Work to relocate Braidwood’s Community Radio can start soon thanks to a helping hand from the NSW Government. Funding to the tune of $12,413 will be provided under the NSW Government’s Community Building Partnership program to move the station to a better premisis.





Mt Gillamatong - Braidwood

Mt Gillamatong, Braidwood where Braidwood FM transmits from

Braidwood Main Street

Wallace Steet, Braidwood's main street





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